Adopted Daughter Rejects Birthmom, Then She Learns About A Very Shocking Truth | Dhar Mann

1 Rgs 2020
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In adoption, a child is not given up. A birth mother gives her baby life, a family, and the best future she thinks is possible.
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  • That made me cry that was so nice

    Gurbax HundalGurbax HundalPrieš 47 minučių
  • Her mom's eyes are SO COOL

    Tanvi BawaTanvi BawaPrieš val
  • Not to be rude but why are the little girls nails so long

    David DulDavid DulPrieš 2 val
  • Me : go get go now get out Also me: realized what I just said Mom hold up who you think you talking to u better shut that mouth before I do it for you

    Eliana VasquezEliana VasquezPrieš 2 val
  • These stories are so good ☺️

    Khalid mohdKhalid mohdPrieš 3 val
  • This is so cute I'm crying

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  • Out of a good 40-50 I’ve watched, this is the first one that made me cry. 😭😭

    Rachel LynnRachel LynnPrieš 5 val
  • Anna :I don’t want your stupid gift and I don’t every wanna see you agian Also Anna:opens gift 10 seconds later

    Jackeline FuentesJackeline FuentesPrieš 5 val
  • did anyone notice that her mom has two different eyes?that's so cool

    mary humphreymary humphreyPrieš 5 val
  • Does Anyone Else See her eyes 1 is blue the other one is brown like my sisters that is rare

    Emily AckerEmily AckerPrieš 12 val
  • That letter made me cry some people really have to do this 😭😢

    Zara WilliamsZara WilliamsPrieš 14 val
  • Happy 😃 😊 😆

    Mostafa ZibareMostafa ZibarePrieš 15 val
  • does any one know that the mom has tow colored eye so uniqe

    asia muhammedasia muhammedPrieš 16 val
  • As a homeless pregnant woman i met a lot of other pregnant women who gave up their babies, i never gave up mine the pain would be too much. This is heart breaking story with a happy ending most women never get. 😭

    Rowan Robin KingRowan Robin KingPrieš 18 val
  • i’m crying- i’m adopted and this made me so emotional. i’ve never met my birth mom and i’m only 13, but this made me feel so much better about my birth mom and how I might meet her one day. I love you and your work, thanks so much for making my day

    sprucie moosiesprucie moosiePrieš 18 val
  • Bro this one made me cry-

    Lazy DayLazy DayPrieš 19 val
  • This made my day wow

    Agalla NyimuluAgalla NyimuluPrieš 20 val
  • My name is Annalise and I was adopted, I go by Anna as well. I haven’t met my mom yet unfortunately.

    iiFxllenStar XiiFxllenStar XPrieš 23 val
  • Wow I'm crying this was so good

    JJRG JARJJRG JARPrieš 23 val
  • Beautiful!

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  • You abandoned me like I was nothing Waiter I don't get paid enough for this

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  • This is so sad.

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  • Dhar mann is a great LTworldsr, but I honestly get annoyed that the characters have to say “you see” when their about to tell a story

    Chicken Pringle’sChicken Pringle’sPrieš dieną
  • The waiter be like: “I’m not getting paid enough for this"

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  • Story: you see Me: some shits going to go down

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    gameswithgeorgegameswithgeorgePrieš dieną
  • BRO dhar mann is so nice and genoruse keep up the gooooooooooooooood work never give up i got merch ily :) you inspired me look i hadded depresion and you helped me so :)

    fancysupbrofancysupbroPrieš dieną
  • can we talk about how cute this woman's eyes are?

    CuTelyCamiCuTelyCamiPrieš dieną
  • "So You See" is now my pickup line

    Blâçk FløŵërBlâçk FløŵërPrieš dieną
  • I love this ❤️ so happy :)

    JamieJamiePrieš dieną
  • my name in rl is rlly close to the adopted girl

    MoonkittenMoonkittenPrieš 2 dienas
  • You’re my person. Wow. That’s umm… that’s something. It could be like… I love you.

    Cassidy SideCassidy SidePrieš 2 dienas
  • The actor who played the stepmom for some reason sounds weird

    Amazing PigAmazing PigPrieš 2 dienas
  • Dhar mann I entered your give away of having a iPhone P.S I want a black one Please Im doing this for my single mom she really needs one she's been working so hard lately and the isnt even getting any sleep! I really want to make her Proud,I feel so bad for her :'( (Its my birthday on the 22 nd November)

    aziza sharifaziza sharifPrieš 2 dienas
  • Damn i cried again watching this one

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  • She should be greatful that she was chosen♡

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  • Hello Dhar Mann.

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  • I actually cried 😢

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  • Awwww

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  • Anna: it’s anna if you didn’t give me up for adoption also Anna: wait *hugs*

    Dania DelgadoDania DelgadoPrieš 2 dienas
  • Me: **CRIES WHILE WATCHING THE VIDEO** Also me after that: WHo's tHe aCtoR oF thE oNE wHo plAyED aS thE mOm gUyY?

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  • These make me so sad my throat is hurting bc im watching to much but I love them so much

    Kalani GauthierKalani GauthierPrieš 2 dienas
  • who noticed the mom has two colored eyes, very pretty.

    Student Eunice NgakossoStudent Eunice NgakossoPrieš 2 dienas
  • If I was adopted, I know for a fact my birth mom would have whooped me right there and then in the restaurant if I talked to her like that. Eat your cereal

    Simply KiaSimply KiaPrieš 2 dienas
  • This is so confusing like bruh

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  • Hi how are today

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  • “Abandoned me, left me like i was nothing.” Girl you’re seriously acting like she actually threw you on the streets when it isn’t that at all. 🙄

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  • i was screaming stfu every time she said u abanbon me this and that

    02_WhaT2up02_WhaT2upPrieš 2 dienas
  • you cant make the little kid the bad guy, it isnt her fault that her mom gave her up for adoption, and that she hasnt accepted the lady that hasnt even bothered to meet her not even once

    Isabella ShantiIsabella ShantiPrieš 2 dienas
  • I only commnted because there were 9999 comments, but good video.

    doubleRdoubleRPrieš 3 dienas
  • and that is not true sometimes peaple give there children up for adoption because they couldent care less about them

    Khimich householdKhimich householdPrieš 3 dienas
  • i have a friend called annaliese

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  • Dhar Mann making a movie yes all his actors are so good at acting every story I am touched

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    Abdel rahman HarmouchAbdel rahman HarmouchPrieš 3 dienas
  • Well you can’t call her ungrateful she was put off for adoption and where the hell is the impregnator? And it’s partially her fault for getting pregananant when she didn’t have much money

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  • Hey Dhar Mann Fam! I hope you loved that message, and remember, we arent just telling storys.. *were changing lives*

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  • I mean, it would be better if you listed the actors in the descriptions

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  • Anna: doesn’t want to see her birth mom Me: I don’t even have a mom...🥺

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