From Monk To Best Selling Book Author, Story Of Jay Shetty | Dhar Mann

8 Rgs 2020
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Based on a true story. Don't worry about rejections, all you need is one person to say yes, you. Dhar Mann Studios x @Jay Shetty
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  • This is a good lesson I'm a big fan of nass daily and he did the same video

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  • these videos are so professional that it made me in tears

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  • Hey guys i dream is to become a player for manchester united but i knew its impossible,.... i think i,ve gone too far But can you guys pray for me😳😳

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  • Good

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  • 3:59 R.I.P Kobe

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  • Lol my name is Danny

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  • thank you so much for this video it really inpired me to be a speaker myself i started makin videoes my own and its all your fault thank you so much!

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  • Off topic but his voice

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  • people just want perfect life for company even changed lives to a amazing life for company,vlogs,funding and everything

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  • Message never give up or licen if others sat you can’t do it

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  • His London voice lol

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  • Hey dhar I have a great video idea how about you do a story on ur self

  • wow thank you for sharing this wounderful story its helped me a long the way

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  • I ACTUALy SAW THIS BOOK IN MY COUNTRY But me mom wouldnt get it for me , she said I could watch Jay on YT :D

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  • After watching this video, i bought his book and started to read. It is just amazing

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  • If your reading this You have EYES

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  • Did He just Talk to Kobe🤔

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  • It’s not about skill, it’s about how hard you put in it,

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  • A friend told me not to pay attention to what other people’s opinions are because it’s not you or me it’s someone else that said it and that “ their” opinion not yours.

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  • Hey Dhar you are one of the best content creators in the world. At first I didn’t know you . I was such a bad boy with bad behaviour. My friend was same as me . Everyone in the neighbourhood would whisper about us under their breath . But one day my friend came across your videos in LTworlds. He said they were helping him to change his ways slowly. After a few days he was a completely different person. He suggested me to watch your videos and it has helped me a lot to change my ways . Now people would say me and my friend were the most kind and good behaving kids in the neighbourhood. You earned two more subscribers. ❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️

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