What Being A Working Mom Is Really Like | Dhar Mann

13 Rgp 2020
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The reality of being a working mom.
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  • Hello #DharMannFam! Are you on Instagram? I'd love to connect on there too! I share exclusive giveaways and personal photos of myself and my family: bit.ly/3gArwjN Also, did you know I send daily inspirational text messages? Join my texting fam to get a new text from me each day. Text (213) 212-4550 or click this link bit.ly/2ZfA5ZR to get started.

    Dhar MannDhar MannPrieš 3 mėnesius
    • Does the Sun come eat I like your videos of showing comments

      ronmuz1ronmuz1Prieš 9 dienų
    • God bless you.

      Lxzyrxt -Lxzyrxt -Prieš 9 dienų
    • I love you dar man

      Haala ZahranHaala ZahranPrieš 11 dienų
    • Ummm

      Haala ZahranHaala ZahranPrieš 11 dienų
    • Yes I knew that but since my mom forbade me to join any social media sites as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. I only have WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family and tiktok to watch videos but I would have loved to here your inspirational text enter your giveaways or get your photos I am a big fan of your films, you and your crew

      Senamile MgengeSenamile MgengePrieš 22 dienas
  • Moms may have trouble, but that doesn’t mean they can take their emotions out in their children. Not all parents do that, but most do. It’s not okay!!

    Cam'Rynn MatthewsCam'Rynn MatthewsPrieš val
  • I have felt like that soo many times... n all i can do is get up and try again

    Jessica CasillasJessica CasillasPrieš 2 val
  • This video is so close to my heart because that how is my mom too sometimes:/

    Kayden KeelsKayden KeelsPrieš 3 val
  • I cant stop thinking about that perfect bag of crisps that got wasted >:(

    Daniel AlexDaniel AlexPrieš 5 val
  • Is this real like did this really happen to her

    Izzy RandomnessIzzy RandomnessPrieš 7 val
  • Dhar Mann your videos make me a better person every second

    Md ChyMd ChyPrieš 20 val
  • Those kids are not normal You can’t just destroy a Doritos bad what is wrong with you?!

    Prison MikePrison MikePrieš 23 val
  • For a single mom working full time she had a surprisingly nice apartment

    Purple DragonsPurple DragonsPrieš dieną
  • Do you know how you cry at the end of a movie. Dhar Mann is probably the best person to do that.

    Grim PicklesGrim PicklesPrieš dieną
  • hey dhar, sorry if this comment is rude or so, anyways... not all moms are the same, every single mom is different and i mean it, so for example in that video she crys but in other famiys moms may shout at them, hit them, or even have a solution to the problem,or what is supposed to happen: making the kids realize what is really happenings like knowing that their mom is a little bit busy and cant do what they want at the moment .. so please , in my perspective view that video means nothing except the part about how kids are forgiving

    The Computer TreeThe Computer TreePrieš dieną
  • And this how exactly how we fight (my bro) he gets into my stuff like ;_; {°×_×}

    56kFer rets56kFer retsPrieš 2 dienas
  • Is this true actors get to these

    YuangaminYuangaminPrieš 2 dienas
  • I kinda laughed I'm sorry

    Richard CalhounRichard CalhounPrieš 2 dienas
  • If those are my children I would smack them

    Gamerethanenzo PlaysGamerethanenzo PlaysPrieš 2 dienas
  • Wow I feel bad

    J4YD3NJ4YD3NPrieš 3 dienas
  • Well usually kids are not that spoilt

    Ivan LE3Ivan LE3Prieš 3 dienas
  • God is coming, repent of all your sins for the Kingdom of God is near spread the truth which is God :) for judgment will come for all(repent/repentance is asking forgiveness of all your sins and having a desire not to repeat them we all are humans sometimes we will fall and sin thats why we need to tell God that we had sinned and ask him to forgive u and he will. Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord! And for you shall be saved) God bless you brothers and sisters and dont forget you do not need luck u need God's blessings. And mean it with ur heart when u repent!

    Lowkey AruellaLowkey AruellaPrieš 4 dienas
  • Yes ofc your a good mom every mom is a good mom 😊

    Hi grizzly bears teresa quierrezHi grizzly bears teresa quierrezPrieš 4 dienas
  • I absolutely love how this video was made....it was so very relatable... excellent job...dont know the name of actress but shes done so many great performances so bravo chickie you are so good at what you do.. pls make more like this Dhar Mann

    Jen T.Jen T.Prieš 5 dienų
  • Same: my mom is always working on a farmacy,she always gets out if work at 9 and i just cant spend time with she just says she wants to quit her job and im just sad about that my mom cant spend alot of time with and im deppresed cause of that😔😥😭😭😭😭🤧😭😭😭😭😭🤧

    Luz De jesusLuz De jesusPrieš 5 dienų
  • People who came from tiktok

    Mylo- gamingMylo- gamingPrieš 5 dienų
  • I'm grateful my mom has a good paying job so we don't have to go through that.

    NylonixNylonixPrieš 5 dienų
  • I love the mom's eye's

    Aleena Palavi-TatolaAleena Palavi-TatolaPrieš 5 dienų
  • this lowkey made me cry, are those her real children though?

    Malak LolMalak LolPrieš 6 dienų
  • can you chat with me on discord my brother said after watching this video I love your vids i wish you can meet me in person please my brother said and I loved your vids that same way and me and my brother watched all your videos yet I love all the Dhar Mann videos

    Cody MaharajCody MaharajPrieš 6 dienų
  • this made me sad

    infinite sinfinite sPrieš 7 dienų
  • For me that a great mom

    foxplayer 1099foxplayer 1099Prieš 7 dienų
  • And?

    austin huaustin huPrieš 7 dienų
  • Is this the actual actor in real life?

    justoneteenageflutistjustoneteenageflutistPrieš 7 dienų
  • Is this based on a true story

    morris kinyuamorris kinyuaPrieš 7 dienų
  • Why she talking to us aren’t you talk to the stranger

    Sita LeumuavaSita LeumuavaPrieš 7 dienų
  • Ok no one care omg so just uhhh

    Lam LeLam LePrieš 8 dienų
  • So 🤰🏻🙅🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️🙍🏻‍♀️🙎🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

    Lam LeLam LePrieš 8 dienų
  • Damn those kids are crazyyyyy😂😂😂

    Cöøkïę GåçhäžCöøkïę GåçhäžPrieš 8 dienų
  • Solution? Use condoms

    ZoroPhox StickminZoroPhox StickminPrieš 8 dienų
  • 1:33 idk why but this makes me laugh 😂

    PlushiePlushiePrieš 8 dienų
  • Lol at 1:55 she looks like she is giving birth in slow motion

    Bun_Buns YtBun_Buns YtPrieš 8 dienų
  • I have hard days as a mommy but I wouldn’t trade it for the world ❤️

    Tyra IsonTyra IsonPrieš 8 dienų
  • Story Time: I Remember When My Brother Was Still A Baby Baby (Like Just Weeks Born) And At Night He Just Wouldn't Stop Crying And He Would Cry All Night All Week And My Mom Never Knew How To Stop Him She Never Knew What He Would Want....Sometimes He Would Cry So Hard And Loud His Face Would Turn Red. I Felt So Bad And Guilty Because I Never Knew How To Help Her. One Night She Finally Lost Her Cool She Started Crying And My Mom Is One Of Those Mom's Who NEVER Cry. And I Saw Her Crying And I Felt Just A Pain Fill My Stomach And I Went Up To Her And We Both Just Cried (And For Some Reason My Brother Stopped Crying) I Felt So Upset That I Couldn't Help Her And Apologized To Her And She Told Me I Was The Only Thing Keeping Her Sane And I Was Helping Her So Much (Like Getting Bottles Or Something Like That) I Still Felt Guilty From Then But It Wasn't As Bad. Now That My Brother Is A Bit Older (2 Years Old) He Can Say Few Words So We Can Get Him What He Wants And He Doesn't Cry As Much (He Still Cries At Night But It Isn't As Bad) I Do Still Feel Guilty From Time To Time But..Yeah..That Was The Only Time I Ever Saw My Mom Cry Tha End >:3

    Loser In GachaLoser In GachaPrieš 8 dienų
  • It it pictures of that moms are the best ever ever ever

    ronmuz1ronmuz1Prieš 9 dienų
  • I'll get smacked hard if I dis that

    imgod lolimgod lolPrieš 9 dienų
  • Aaaaahhhhh

    Sita LeumuavaSita LeumuavaPrieš 9 dienų
  • Plus she said that her kids are kind and forgiving more like she should say I'm kind and forgiving

    Rayyan ShaikhRayyan ShaikhPrieš 9 dienų
  • Wow the kids are good actors at being impatient and spoiled brats not sarcasm tho

    Rayyan ShaikhRayyan ShaikhPrieš 9 dienų
  • Why it's so saaaaaaaaaad😭😭😭

    vladi gamervladi gamerPrieš 10 dienų
  • Hey that okay

    Amruthasri SathasivanAmruthasri SathasivanPrieš 10 dienų
  • This is the same thing my mom went through a couple months ago.and every that happened to her,happened to my mom. She shouted,slid to the floor,and cried, and as well... had to witness it all. By the way I love your videos!

    beezyteezybeezyteezyPrieš 10 dienų
  • This is why you don't have kids.

    Sum PersonSum PersonPrieš 10 dienų
  • 1:33 dhar is sitting there like 👁👄👁

    A Todier TaleA Todier TalePrieš 10 dienų
  • Wow so so true...ive had many days that i cried and on a few my kids saw me but they are kind and forgiving and they still love me and i still love them....this one hit right on the spot has me crying!!! Good job!

    Kim CarverKim CarverPrieš 11 dienų
  • 🤑🤑 Hi ibrahima dia

    Kimfa BabyKimfa BabyPrieš 12 dienų
  • if i did that then i would get kicked out 😅

    Abigail PhoebeAbigail PhoebePrieš 12 dienų
  • I have more respect for my mom now.

    [SD] Sando[SD] SandoPrieš 12 dienų
  • I have breakdowns too just like getting mad or flared up and getting stressed out

    Millie MillsMillie MillsPrieš 12 dienų
  • I think that's the first time they said so u see to the cameras lol

    Robert ElliottRobert ElliottPrieš 13 dienų
  • You made me sad 😔

    Amalia DiasAmalia DiasPrieš 13 dienų
  • I'm about the age of the girl, I know how to frickin take care of myself. 🤠

    EllieTingzEllieTingzPrieš 13 dienų
  • Why they waste the Doritos

    FireFoxGamingFireFoxGamingPrieš 14 dienų
  • Youre video's are So great that i even wacht everytime youre a good man that helps people keep up being a really good man.

    Tracy adu yeboahTracy adu yeboahPrieš 14 dienų
  • Me after i sleep under the cabinet: 3:08 JIXEN WHO ATE THE CHIPS BAG AND LEFT THE CHIPS HERE

    RPG MxsterRPG MxsterPrieš 14 dienų
  • “Kind and forgiving”

    Renee JohnsonRenee JohnsonPrieš 14 dienų
  • the person’s kids caused all the trouble and she said “these forgiving babies” like wHaT

    itz Ashleyitz AshleyPrieš 14 dienų
  • M-marvelous O-overly awesome T-thankful H-hilarious E-excellent R-right p S-selfless And that spells mother's

    Shamiso ChimanyaShamiso ChimanyaPrieš 14 dienų
  • Kids need to witness emotional breakdowns because it's reality why should mom's pretend like thier lives are perfect when nobody's life is

    Ashley JohnsonAshley JohnsonPrieš 15 dienų
  • Same. But won't change my life for anything else. :-)

    Mily De JesúsMily De JesúsPrieš 15 dienų
  • If my kids did that I’m going in my room and they can mess up the house,then I’ll take the snacks,juice,toys,etc etc until they get the house cleaned up :)))

    Pink-LemonadeYTPink-LemonadeYTPrieš 15 dienų
  • Bru

    AstroxxAstroxxPrieš 15 dienų
  • ummmmm the begining started to scare because I'm so use used to normal videos 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Omar GabrielOmar GabrielPrieš 16 dienų
  • I honestly know how that feels.

    Scarlet StudiosScarlet StudiosPrieš 16 dienų
  • The mothers/grandmothers love will be irreplaceable

    Sarah AkhtarSarah AkhtarPrieš 17 dienų
  • If their were my kids i would lock them in a room for 2 hours so they can learn their lesson

    Flower girlFlower girlPrieš 17 dienų
  • Yeah this is so true we mother's have more than one job's when it come's on to our children but in the end we cant live with out there love and the smile that bright up your heart

    Peta-gay MatthewsPeta-gay MatthewsPrieš 17 dienų
  • I always say we mothers have more than one job when it come's to our children Dhar Mann thank you so much for these videos

    Peta-gay MatthewsPeta-gay MatthewsPrieš 17 dienų
  • The first actors said so u see breaking news

    Nazish AdnanNazish AdnanPrieš 17 dienų
  • Omg

    maira Hackmaira HackPrieš 17 dienų
  • 💗❤💞💓💕💜😭✨🙏

    Mawi Mawii KhawlhringMawi Mawii KhawlhringPrieš 17 dienų
  • Good thing i gots no kids, or i will punch em

    Saliza Abdul SamadSaliza Abdul SamadPrieš 17 dienų
  • She borke the 4th wall fbi open up

    Jesus JimenezJesus JimenezPrieš 18 dienų
  • Ahh what a sadd story😑

    weeb artist boaaaiiiweeb artist boaaaiiiPrieš 18 dienų
  • I can't hold in my tears! This make me feel bad for my mom. Even though she doesn't have a job my dad does. I still feel bad

    Sara BrzgSara BrzgPrieš 18 dienų

    x Sono xx Sono xPrieš 18 dienų
  • I like this one 😁😁😁

    Caitlynn DawoodCaitlynn DawoodPrieš 18 dienų
  • What bad kids

    Noah RosalesNoah RosalesPrieš 18 dienų
  • WOW those kids definitely have behavioral and mannerisms issues

    Annmarie BAnnmarie BPrieš 19 dienų
  • I hate Instagram

    Stephanie NjeriStephanie NjeriPrieš 19 dienų
  • Me to girl

    Ishveen GosalIshveen GosalPrieš 20 dienų
  • Aw man I cried qnq I have a single mom too. At least she can handle it especially I have a little sister and I feel thankful that she provided everything we love

    CakezumiiCakezumiiPrieš 20 dienų
  • I never got intros like this

    ReeseyCookiezReeseyCookiezPrieš 20 dienų
  • Did i just find this funny?

    Kazuto KirigayaKazuto KirigayaPrieš 21 dieną
  • Damn, this one hits hard.

    Asy Syu'araa AzmanAsy Syu'araa AzmanPrieš 22 dienas
  • This is why I don’t want kids

    Himiko TogaHimiko TogaPrieš 23 dienas
  • I just realize how stressed my mom is soooo I helped her and she was like thanks sun your the best.

    Kevin MartinezKevin MartinezPrieš 23 dienas
  • Imagine if she was a Hispanic mom

    Lil JerryLil JerryPrieš 25 dienų
  • Your so dramatic

    Emily PerezEmily PerezPrieš 25 dienų
    • That's not called being dramatic. That's called telling how u feel

      《Zainab Arshad》《Zainab Arshad》Prieš 24 dienas
  • I am not a single mother or a working mother. A stay at home mom is 100 times worse. I get like that to sometimes.

    Marina GoronjaMarina GoronjaPrieš 25 dienų
  • Hi hi hi hi hello!!!

    Victoria ZepedaVictoria ZepedaPrieš 26 dienų
  • *acting like this doesnt happen to me 24/7 for 3 years*

    Drėåm ArrøwツDrėåm ArrøwツPrieš 26 dienų
  • If I was at that scene I would slap those kids

    Evan TingzonEvan TingzonPrieš 27 dienų
  • Love this woman

    Ivan Fran GugićIvan Fran GugićPrieš 27 dienų